Filters Network is a young and innovative company that leverages the extensive experience of its team in the design and production of filters and filtration systems. Thanks to over 40 years of experience accumulated by our experts, we offer advanced and innovative technical solutions, ensuring quality, transparency, and reliability.

Of Our Team

Our extensive experience allows us to offer the market cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas in the field of filtration. We provide durable products made from high-quality materials and equipped with advanced electronic systems, capable of meeting current needs.

Filters Network


Cutting-Edge Technologies

Today, thanks to our advanced skills in fluid dynamics, design, and construction mechanics, we are able to offer simple and functional solutions. Our products solve a wide range of problems, improve filtration performance, increase production efficiency, and reduce water consumption.


Easy Solutions

We also offer solutions that are easy to install and maintain. Thanks to this, we have received numerous positive feedback from customers who regularly use our filtration systems.


Ecoklin Filter

From these studies, the Ecoklin filter project was born, a small filter "with a big heart" that offers our customers an excellent balance between performance, price, and quality.

Ecoklin Filter Series

EK1808 iso scaled

25 - 65 mc/h

Model: EK1808

EK1810 iso scaled

25 - 90 mc/h

Model: EK1808

EK2710 iso scaled

30 - 110 mc/h

Model: EK2710

EK3515 iso scaled

35 - 180 mc/h

Model: EK3515